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Introducing DroidPatrol Version One

Thank you to everyone for initial feedback. If you have questions click above on "Support" for recent Q & A.  Currently working on version two which will have more malware support.

Like our WinPatrol program, the first version of DroidPatrol will be a simple application. New features will be created and added to DroidPatrol so that our new app will eventually produce the main WinPatrol feature of letting you know if unexpected changes occur to your Android devices. One of the benefits of the Google Marketplace is that updates can be provided automatically.

 Opening screen for DroidPatrol

The first version of DroidPatrol will sell for $1.99 and will provide access to the WinPatrol PLUS database. (part of the $29.95 value of WinPatrol PLUS)

You donít have to be a WinPatrol user to use the features of DroidPatrol. Just like WinPatrol PLUS you can enter the name of any file and we'll let you know in human terms what this file does and if you even need the file.

 Opening screen for DroidPatrol

If you do use WinPatrol FREE or PLUS, DroidPatrol provides access to PLUS features where ever you are.

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